Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Huangs in San Jose, Day 2

Apparently, no matter how late they go to bed, the kids are inclined to wake up around 6ish.  And so they did.  We bummed around the house the first full day in town, eating breakfast, talking with Ama, eating lunch, and watching basketball.

In the afternoon, my sister arrived with her husband and their new baby, so there was a flurry of hugs, faces, and pics.  For Christmas dinner, we headed over to my cousin's house nearby - we had rain and steps to navigate my mom and her wheelchair through, but everything went fine and we were treated to a warm house and a tremendous meal.  More pics ensued, and the kids were in heaven playing Wii with their cousins.  

Alas, we're still on East Coast time, so while the kids were amped, the grown-ups called it a night.  Good times all around, though.

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