Thursday, December 27, 2012

Huangs in San Jose, Day 3

Another leisurely morning (how nice to not set one's alarm!).  Breakfast, morning runs for the grown-ups, and a final wave of Christmas gifts for the kids (crafty things that consumed them for hours).

After lunch, we four drove up to Uncle Dither's parents' place in Union City, where he and Auntie Mester and Baby Karthik are staying for the week.  We had a delightful visit, replete with chess games and Indian treats, and then everyone headed to the Great Mall in Milpitas for some post-Christmas shopping.

The mall was packed like I've never seen before!  We ruefully turned down massive deals at Old Navy because we were intimidated by the length of the checkout line, but did score some cool stuff at H&M.  I even splurged for frozen cherry lemonade for the kids, since they were parched and weary from all the walking and all the body heat.

We parted ways from there and headed back to my folks', just in time for pizza dinner.  Bedtime was back on our regular schedule, and even with the early hour, Amy and I were not far behind.

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