Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Huangs in San Jose, Day 1

Christmas Eve, we laid low at the beginning of the day, tending to stuff around the house and making final preparations.  Took a cab to the airport - got there insanely early for fear of long lines, but instead it was fairly dead.  Once we finally got on the plane, we had to wait some more, as it had started snowing - a white Christmas Eve! - and all the planes needed deicing.

Finally, we took off, and Amy and the kids spent the next six hours in the air, eating food we'd packed, reading, and playing games on the iPad.  Mercifully, the kids fell asleep for the last hour or so, and even more mercifully, they woke up without crankiness.

My dad picked us up and whisked us home, where we gave hugs to my mom, got unpacked, got an orientation on the house (there are a lot of quirks!), and put the kids to bed.  It was late, even without accounting for the three-hour time difference, so soon enough we were all asleep.

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