Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Camp at the Y

We made the transition from the bliss of our California vacation to the harsh realities of life at home in a painfully short amount of time.  Saturday night we touched down after 10p, Sunday we laid low and got ourselves organized for the week ahead, and by Monday morning I was gasping through my running and lifting routine while the kids were having trouble getting out of bed.

Yesterday morning also marked the kids' first day at summer camp at the Y.  After an entire school year of walking them two blocks away en route to work, it is now time to walk them eight blocks to the Y en route to work.  The commute time is actually not much longer for me, because now instead of walking five blocks to the subway stop after I drop off the kids, I only have to walk one block.  As a plus, I can drop the kids off as early as 7, though I still have to pick them up no later than 6.

The first drop-off and pick-up were a little harried, as the Y was all over the place in the morning and evening, what with other parents, kids everywhere, and exercisers.  Aaron compounded matters by telling me that he left his blanket and sheet in his cubbie (which he was supposed to) and that he had his swim suit and towel in his backpack (which he was supposed to), when in fact he didn't leave his blanket and sheet in his cubbie and he had left his towel God knows where.  This necessitated stomping right back into the chaos, getting his blanket and sheet put away properly, and hunting down his towel.

Those things taken care of, we finally got home later than usual.  We're here for the next seven weeks, so we'll see how the next 34 days go. 
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