Saturday, July 14, 2012

Y Update

One week's in the books at the Y.  It was dicey at first: check-in and pick-up were chaotic, Jada lost her camp shirt on the very first day, and both complained of being bored (never a good sign when you're at a summer camp in the inner city, because it conjures up images of listless kids sitting in a dark room staring at the wall . . . oh no, no need to conjure up the image, because that's exactly what Jada described when I asked her about her first day). 

But things improved as the week advanced.  Jada's age group went to a field trip to Herr's, she got reacquainted with two old friends from previous Y classes, and even the dead times didn't matter as much to her because I told her to bring books (which she did) or take a nap (which, surprisingly, she was really into doing, and in fact did several times).  As for Aaron, he took to his new surroundings as I thought he would, charming the socks off the female counselors and glad-handling with all his fellow campers.

Logistically, it's a little further to go than our previous 2-3 blocks away, but the kids have enjoyed navigating the sidewalks of West Philly on their scooters (although I'm still trying in vain to find a path from the Y to our house that doesn't involve at least one block where the pavement is just impossible to ride on).  And the slightly longer commute gives us all time to make the transition from home to away and from away to home.  Six more weeks and countless times in the pool to go, and then the school year starts up again. 
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