Monday, August 07, 2017

Wilmington's More Fun When You Sleep Over

I have done consulting work for the City of Wilmington for the past three years, and in that time I
estimate I've been to Wilmington somewhere between 100 and 120 times.  But, until this past weekend, I'd never spent the night.  So Amy and I decided to make it a weekend in Wilmington.  Here's a brief recap of 24 hours in Wilmington:

10a-1p Our first stop, straight from home, was Winterthur, which we'd both been to before but only briefly.  We enjoyed the tram tour (so much green) and the mansion tour (so many rooms...175 in all!). 

1p-4p I had originally planned to go straight from Winterthur to the Nemours Mansion, but you're talking to two tired parents, so taking a nap in a fluffy bed called to us louder.  We checked into historic Hotel DuPont and almost immediately conked out.  Ahhh...

4p-8p With many hours of daylight still left, we headed to the waterfront to stroll, play mini-golf, and enjoy a bite at the Constitution Yards beer garden.  We topped it off with ice cream, more strolling, and lots of picture-taking.  Lots of people out having a good time.

8a-9a I actually slept in (for me), but when I headed out for a run there was still a "no one is up yet" vibe to our part of downtown.  I made a beeline for Brandywine Park and ended up jogging on both sides of the river, getting gloriously lost several times in the process.  The place definitely has a "Forbidden Drive" vibe to it, for those of you from Philly.  Highly recommended, and my only regret was not having the stamina or navigating skills to make it all the way to Alapocas Run State Park. 

9a-11a We walked all the way from the hotel back to the waterfront, via Market Street.  Disappointing that there was so little open and so few people out, but at the same time that made for a peaceful walk and talk.  We doubled back at grabbed grub at a cute mom-and-pop in the Creative District before going back to our car and driving home. 

We didn't get to everything we wanted to, so we'll be back!

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