Friday, September 02, 2011

San Jose Summer 2011 - Day 4

Once again, Jada arose early to come into my room to do finger-knitting. Aaron woke up not far after. After they did their homework and watched a little Dinosaur King, we headed downstairs for breakfast. I took a nap after breakfast while they played a little more, and then we headed out with my sister to Rancho San Antonio for a two-mile round-trip hike to Deer Hollow, a farm that had roosters, rabbits, and sheep. I was impressed that the kids made the whole hike without being carried (although there were plenty of requests to do so).

After lunch, we all boarded my parents' minivan, which has been fitted out so that my mom can ride in it in her wheelchair. We headed to Shoreline Park, where there is a smooth path that winds around a lake. The kids enjoyed the playground and the geese, and my dad enjoyed photographing them.

Before dinner, I did a little vacuuming, carpet cleaning, and un-cobwebbing of the house, while Aaron went back to watching Dinosaur King and Jada spent time in my mom's room trying to show her how to do finger-knitting. The kids were so content that after I was done cleaning, I decided to sneak a short run in. We all ate dinner together and then the kids went to bed, falling fast asleep shortly thereafter, legs probably a little sore from all the walking from the day.

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