Friday, October 01, 2010

Huang Family Newsletter, September 2010

Quite a month of milestones for the Huangs. Amy started her new job in the Philadelphia prisons, so is acclimating to that work setting, to her responsibilities, and to a new weekly routine, all while still rehabbing her ankle. Jada started kindergarten at her new school, and is enjoying making new friends and doing new things there and at the after-school program she attends on the same campus. Aaron also started at a new school, which is Jada's old school, and also started going poopie in the potty. And I'm adjusting to getting both kids out and in, to new locations no less, while juggling to-do's at work, church, and home. With all of the hustle and bustle of the typical week, yet we still put the pedal to the metal on the weekends: a date night, play dates at Please Touch Museum and the Philadelphia Zoo, barbecues in the New Jersey and Philadelphia suburbs, a day trip to the New York City area to reunite with some college friends, and a jaunt to our favorite downtown haunts.
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