Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ocean City Part IV

In this fourth annual installment of "the Huangs and Krinsleys go to Ocean City," we added a new cast member: Baby Nathan, who didn't quite make it to the beach but still seemed to be as wide-eyed as the rest of us, perhaps over having so many more faces around than he's used to. Because of the later date, we ran the risk of inclement weather but scored ourselves a better location, right on the beach. It took some getting used to, as evidenced by the big deal I kept making with Amy about having to go all the way back to the house to get something; after the third time of her saying, "But Lee, it's just 100 feet away," I finally realized how privileged we were.

Jada, as you might guess, showed no sign of having not been to the beach since last year; the very first day we were there, she kept pestering us to go to the beach, and when we finally got there, she made a beeline for the water. Aaron, on the other hand, temporarily forgot he was afraid of the water, and, ever wanting to do what his sister does, followed her in. One big wave later, all the memories came flooding back, and he spent the rest of the earlier part of our vacation safely distanced from the water.

Although she wishes it could've been a lot more, Amy got a few moments to herself, glorying in walks along the shore while listening to praise music, or else letting wave after wave crash into her. I did my usual mid-week scurry back to Philadelphia to get two work-days in, taking the bus to Atlantic City and the train back to Philadelphia Tuesday morning, and after a full day of work, an evening church leadership meeting, and an all-day meeting in Harrisburg the next day, trained it back from Harrisburg to Philadelphia and then trained it to Atlantic City and bused it to Ocean City.

The rest of the trip was painfully too short, especially as the sun really peeked out the very morning we were packing up to go home. But I can't complain: I got to take naps, read a long book, get some rays, and buy my kids some ice cream on the boardwalk. Pictures and video to follow, but for now, let's log Ocean City Part IV in the books as a successful family vacation.
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