Monday, August 31, 2009

Huang Family Newsletter, August 2009

Family update - everyone continues to recover from the car accident from last month. My mom and dad are both making progress, and my sister and brother-in-law are working through their own medical and logistical issues and helping take care of my parents' present and future needs. We four had a successful visit to San Jose - I was able to see everyone and help bear some of the load, Amy got studying in, and many family friends chipped in watching our kids and bringing us food.

Kids - Jada saw her new school for the first time and likes it; we're moving her over in September and Aaron in January. Both continue a full schedule of school and various speech and behavioral appointments, and seem to increasingly want to fill their scant free time watching Thomas the Train. They did well on our San Jose trip, enjoying the plane rides and seeing new sights.

Adults - Amy gutted through a very difficult pathophysiology class and got an A; she's now gearing up for her fall clinical time at a local prison. Lee's powering through multiple clients at work and helping his church ease in a new senior pastor. Home renovations continue as planned, and soon they will be done, and the focus will shift to figuring out furniture and decor.
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