Friday, July 18, 2008

Aaron Looking at the Girls

It's one of Jada's favorite set of lines. "I fell asleep on the bus."
"I sat on Mama's lap." "Aaron was looking at the girls." It was the
Sunday afternoon we got super-soaked at Penn's Landing, thanks to a
massive thunderstorm not ten minutes after we had arrived on the
scene. Jada thought it fun at first, then started crying, and by the
time we found seats on the bus to take us home, she had fallen asleep
on Mama's lap. Aaron was just as wet if not more so, but was plenty
preoccupied by all the pretty little girls sitting in the back of the
bus with us. It wasn't until they got off a good ten blocks before we
did that he realized he was wet and started crying.

That's our lady lover. Today at day care, I was informed that his
"best friend" just so happens to be the prettiest little girl in his
class. Apparently, they're inseparable best buds. Figures.

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