Friday, August 03, 2012

Poconos, Day 6

 Best weather day yet.  Jada and Granddad went fishing while Aaron watched TV and I got a quick swim in at the community center.  We got to the swim club right as it opened at 11 and stayed until 5, reveling in the sun and the breeze.  Well, actually Aaron only made it until 3, as the heat caused him to tire so I brought him back to the house at 3 to cool off and watch TV.

We brought so much food to vacation that we were able to make do with very little eating out and buying groceries.  Dinner was several days' worth of leftovers plus a barbecue chicken dish Amy made.  We ate well, put the kids to bed, watched a little TV, and called it a day ourselves, even as we were figuring out when we could come back again for another Poconos vacation.

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