Friday, July 18, 2008

Day Care Emergency

When your day care calls you and then your wife calls you, you know
something's up. It was the mid-afternoon and I was on the phone with
an important client at the time, but after this flurry of calls and
messages had my cell phone overheating from all the vibrations, I had
to tell my client that I'd have to call them back.

Fearing the worst, I called my wife first, and she calmly explained to
me that Jada had thrown up several times and would have to be pulled
out and taken home. She told she was able to do it, and wanted to
know to take Aaron home, too. I suggested we leave Aaron in and I
would get him.

By dinnertime, Jada had resumed her usual spunkiness despite a minor
fever. So we're going to play it safe in terms of what she eats and
drinks for the next 24 hours, and otherwise we think she'll be just

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