Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fair-Weather Parents

You've heard of fair-weather fans?  Amy and I are fair-weather parents.

Not to say we're not good when things are going bad.  Far from it.  Amy, especially, rises to the occasion when things are rough. 

Still, we're much better parents when the sun is literally and figuratively shining.  Take the past two weekends as an example.  Two weekends ago, it rained all weekend, and all three of us were sick.  What misery.  Jada was a wreck, and we couldn't take her outside, so Amy and I took turns gutting out tending to her and hiding under the covers.  Nobody slept well, ate well, or felt well.

This past weekend, in contrast, was beautiful out.  We all were feeling much better, and we had plenty of daylight to play with.  I took Jada to the zoo, we went for a walk on the Penn campus, and Amy took Jada to church for an evening workshop.  Everyone was in a good mood, everyone slept really well, and life was good again.

As New Edition once sang, "Sunny days - everybody loves them, tell me baby can you stand the rain?"  I suppose we can, but certainly prefer the sun.
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