Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hot, Coughy

Jada was feeling exceptionally hot last night and this morning, and Amy was under doctor's orders two weeks ago to bring her in if her cough hadn't gone away by now.  So while I headed to work, she and Jada shlepped over to the pediatrician.

As for the fever, the doc confirmed it was probably the ear infection that he had observed might be on its way two weeks ago, so Amy filled the prescription he had given her back then to hold on to.  As for the coughing, the doc said it might be asthma, so he gave Amy an inhaler to see if it helped. 

Except for when she first woke up this morning and again in the afternoon after her nap, Jada was in pretty good spirits.  But kudos to Amy for all these unplanned trips to the pediatrician, as we're now glad in retrospect we didn't just wait things out. 
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