Tuesday, May 30, 2006


It's not surprising to me that though Amy and I are extreme
introverts, Jada is a raging extrovert. After all, she spent the
first seven months of her life in an orphanage, constantly surrounded
by other babies. So while she's got a good attention span and enjoys
playing by herself for minutes on end, she is certainly energized by
social settings. Witness this past weekend's wedding, where she
seemed to grow more and more excited as the night wore on because of
all of the people and revelry.

We didn't get to my sister's house in Manhattan until almost midnight
that night, and then spent another fun-filled day around town. We
even stopped by Amy's parents' house for dinner on our drive home.

So that made for two long days and two late nights. Which meant that
the Monday of Memorial Day weekend, we three were absolutely spent. I
took Jada outside to play in the morning and in the evening, but in
between she slept for three hours, a new nap record for her. Amy also
napped for three hours in the middle of the day, and I was even out
for a good hour plus.

This morning, Amy and I both had work and Jada had school, and we were
all dragging and a little under the weather. We'll gut through this
week and look forward to a weekend ahead when we can just be
homebodies. I think even the extrovert among us will enjoy that.

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