Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sick From Germs

Of course you get sick from germs, my wife would say. And I
understand that. But while germs caused me to be sick twice in a
six-week span last winter, it was aggravated by lack of sleep and
general stress from the transition to parenthood and Jada's adjustment
to sleeping through the night.

This time, she's sleeping fine and so am I. But her going to day care
introduces her to all sorts of new germs, which she then brings home.
It's not an unusual occurrence, say other parents who have been around
this block: the kids are sick all the time, and the parents get it
passed to them.

So this time, as I sniffle and cough and gut my way through work and
parenting responsibilities, I can truly say that I am sick from germs.
Hopefully all our immune systems will adjust in due time . . . just
in time for kindergarten and another set of germs!

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