Sunday, March 12, 2006

Best “Anti-Kwanner”

There is a word in Taiwanese, "kwan," which means organizing or
putting things away. Amy and I are good "kwanners," in that we like
to keep a neat and tidy house. Of course, having a child makes this
an impossible task.

In fact, Jada is the darn near best "anti-kwanner" we've ever seen.
If I can ever figure out how to work the movie function on my digital
camera AND how to post that movie clip on this site, the first thing
I'll film and post is her "anti-kwanning." She'll walk up to a row of
toys, nicely lined up and in baskets and bins, and methodically empty
the baskets, dump the bins, and strew all the toys all over the room.
Amy and I have given up trying to "kwan" along the way; we just wait
for her to be all the way done, and then "kwan" just before we leave
the room.

It bodes well that she's getting better, once she's strewn everything
everywhere, at putting some things back where they belong. But she's
still a pretty good "anti-kwanner." And soon, hopefully, I'll have
the footage to prove it.

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