Saturday, March 11, 2006

Date Night

I had a hot date this week and I'm still thinking about it.

No, I'm not cheating on my wife. It was with my wife. Amy and I
picked a night that worked for the both of us and that our friend and
third floor tenant would be home for. We got Jada down around 7ish
that night -- not unusual for her lately given how much we tire her
out during the day – and brought the baby monitor up to the third
floor before sneaking out of the house.

We walked to a nice restaurant in University City, had a leisurely and
romantic meal together, and didn't even talk about Jada a whole lot.
It was so nice to be out with Amy. I felt like we were two teens
sneaking out on a school night.

We got home and found out our little one hadn't made a peep – also par
for the course. So we can't wait for our next date next week.

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