Monday, October 10, 2005

Our Prayer the Morning Of

(Amy and I began our last morning without Jada reading Psalm 139 and praying.  Here is how I began our prayer time.)
O LORD, we acknowledge that You knit us in our mother's wombs and ordered our days before there was even one.  And LORD, we consider that You have done the same with Jada and are moved by the intimacy and warmth by which You have loved her.  We are comforted, as anxious first-time parents, that Your relationship with our daughter far pre-dates ours, and Your concern for her far exceeds ours.  That though we have flown halfway around the world to meet Jada, You would and will go to the uttermost parts of the sea to keep her.  And so we understand that what starts today is not just the beginning of a grave responsibility to tend to a little baby but Your invitation to us to join in a love relationship You ahve always had and always will have.  By Your grace and with joy and humility, O LORD, to such an invitation we accept today.
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