Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Plane Ride

Left work around 1p, grabbed a bite and finished up packing, and then Amy's parents arrived around 3:30 and we started loading up the minivan and headed out to Philly International.  Got there around 4:30 and boarded our flight just fine, although lift-off was delayed a good 30 minutes.  On this flight was me, Amy, and Amy's mom.
Arrived in LAX around 9, got all our bags, and rechecked in at the China Southern gate, where we met up with my mom, who had flown down from San Francisco.  The four of us went to the gate, where we met other expecting adoptive parents, all of whom were much perkier than we were (they hadn't just gotten off a six-hour plane ride).
The flight to Guangzhou was the longest leg, clocking in at 15 hours and 20 minutes.  Everyone slept intermittently but mostly in uncomfortable positions.  We finally arrived in Guangzhou early morning on October 9, having lost a day due to crossing the International Date Line. 
We got our bags once again to take them through customs.  Then we boarded our third and final flight, an hour-long ride to Nanchang.  We were met there by our guides, who whisked us to the hotel, where we were finally able to unpack and unwind after a very, very long trip.  All for one little one, who we would soon meet.
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