Monday, October 10, 2005

First Impressions

The time had finally arrived.  We drove out to the civil affairs office, which was buzzing with adoption activity.  First-time parents were cradling their new children as they joyfully exited the building.  Other infants were having their pictures taken for various official and marketing reasons.  And we waited timidly and anxiously.
As they brought us into the room where our group was to meet our daughters, they brought the infants into the room. Amy recognized Jada first, as she was wearing the same outfit as the most recent picture we had of her.  They asked us to sit down and called us one at a time.  Amy began to tear up with joy.  They called our daughter's name and we were summoned forward.  Amy got her first, I came alongside, and they took our picture: the first Huang family portrait. 
Jada is a little booger.  She is barely 15 pounds and has a curious look on her face at almost all times.  She doesn't laugh nearly as easily as the other babies.  Perhaps she is just more serious, or else it is that she caught a cold the morning of our meeting and isn't feeling well.  But she's perfect to us.  We'll take her!
I can't begin to describe what it is like to behold her.  I am absolutely, unconditionally taken by her.  She is such a little cutie.  If it is possible, as much as I love to look at her, I love even more to look at her with Amy, for I see a baby who is totally cared for and a wife who is totally committed.  I can't wait for every new day and the wrinkles in her personality that will come forth as she grows more and more comfortable with us.
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