Saturday, July 30, 2005

Perfect Timing

Since we got word (and pictures) about our baby girl, my wife has hardly been able to sit still. She rocks back and forth, holding a picture of our daughter, saying little prayers to God for her health and well-being. She simply cannot wait to go to China to get her. “Can we go now,” she asked me yesterday.

For me, while I share her excitement, I am a little glad for this month-long waiting period. It’s not just because we have a lot to do to get ready between now and then, between the house and our lives and travel prep. Amy is equally diligent about those things; she probably understands better than I do what it’s going to take to be ready to be a parent.

For me, my mind is a little cluttered right now. All next week, our youth program is hosting a business camp for 100 local teens. I’ll be the MC, so I’m tied up from about 8 to 6, leaving little time before and after to tend to my other responsibilities at work. After the camp, I’ll have barely three weeks left at work, and far too many things to tie up before I’ll feel satisfied that I ended well.

Today is the last session for my one summer class, and the team of nine I captained just put the finishing touches on a 130-page budget analysis last night, which we will be presenting this afternoon. For my other course unit this summer, I am doing an independent study on politics and land use, and was hoping to have everything done by today but I may need to work into August to get this beast of a paper done.

And into the fray jumps a little baby, who we will be traveling halfway around the world in a month to meet and take home with us. As it always is with God’s timing, even if you had the power to move something forward or backward in time, you wouldn’t want to, because everything is perfect. And such is the case with our adoption. We don’t have the power to make the day of our trip come any sooner nor delay it any later. Nor would we want to. For we have prayed for God’s provision and His timing; His provision has proven to be perfect so far, and I believe we will find that it will be so with His timing as well.

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