Sunday, July 08, 2018

Miami with My Amy, Part 3

Just got back from a quick kid-free trip to Miami with Amy, our third jaunt to that beautiful city in the past two years.  It is fast becoming a special place for our relationship, especially because the kid-free part of it means the memories we are making are of just her and me. 

We talked about our kids a lot, thought about things we did that they would've enjoyed, and missed them dearly.  But it was wonderful to be without them for a few days.  Look how happy and relaxed we look in these pictures, for goodness' sake!

And what can I say about Miami?  We were both sick for our first trip, and our second trip was right after Irma, so this trip we got to everything major that we had missed the first two times.  But there's still more to see and do. 

We will be back.

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