Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sleepaway Camp

Jada is off to soccer camp today, her first week of sleepaway camp for the summer since she missed her usual early July stint on account of touring Europe with Philadelphia Girls Choir.  Aaron is going straight to soccer camp from his own two weeks of sleepaway camp, so by the time they return home in a week we won't have seen Aaron in three weeks.

As these camps are run by Christians who Amy has known since she was a kid, we absolutely love that Aaron and Jada adore being at these places.  Out of a ten-week summer, they're at one of the two locations for five of those weeks, and if it could be more they'd sign up for it in a heartbeat, and we'd probably let them.

Still, we do miss them.  (As well as their help around the house!)  Pray for them, that God would meet them in these special places and at a special time in their lives.

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