Thursday, December 29, 2016

San Jose, Day 4

Asher made it all the way til 4ish, which is at least within shouting distance of breakfast so we'll deal.  Lots of elevator rides and lobby jaunts later, breakfast finally did arrive, and afterwards I took him to the Y where he could socialize while I worked out.  He was good for a nap after, and then we headed out for that day's excursion, which was a trip to downtown San Jose.
We made a beeline for the Tech Museum, which is Silicon Valley's version of Franklin Institute.  Aaron, Jada, and Amy enjoyed wearing sensors as they went to all the exhibits and then downloading all their info to see what was most exciting for them.  Asher, believe it or not, was most captivated by the escalators.  We walked around Christmas in the Park right outside the museum, and then headed back to the hotel, grabbing In n Out Burger on the way back to fuel our picnic.  After that was game shows for the older kids and bedtime for the little one.

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