Friday, December 30, 2016

San Jose, Day 5

Asher is sleeping in a hair more each day, making mornings more manageable.  We are now in a routine of puttering around, getting breakfast, puttering around some more, going to the Y, and then heading back to the hotel for a nap before starting the day.  Between that and an early end to the day so we can eat dinner and get to bed at a decent hour, we can only really do one thing a day, and only for a few hours at that, but such is life with a high-maintenance toddler.

Today's one thing was to meet up with dear friends of mine from high school and their families.  We picnicked at a local park, and the kids had fun playing flag football, shooting hoops, and playing on the playground, while the adults caught up on life.  Really good times, which are rarer and thus more cherished with each passing year.

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