Wednesday, December 28, 2016

San Jose, Day 3

Hello, 3am.  Asher is up, and no one else is interested in keeping him company.  I escort him out of the room so the others can sleep, and proceed to kill the next 3 hours riding elevators, walking around, riding elevators, visiting the business center, and riding elevators.  Mercifully, 6am arrives and we go to breakfast.  We drag that out as long as possible until the kid watch at the local Y is open, where I can stash him for a couple of hours while I get a workout in.  We return to the hotel room in the mid-morning and he goes down for his nap.
In the afternoon, we made a quick Five Guys run for dinner for Amy and the older kids, and then I took Asher to Train of Lights in Niles Canyon.  My sister had an extra ticket, so we rode the 90-minute line with her family and her in-laws.  It was a lot of fun to ride such a festive and historic train, and Asher made some toddler friends along the way.

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