Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer DA, 2016 Version

Jada and Aaron have a sweet summer set up for them.  Between sleepaway camps and beach vacations, they're living the good life.  But summer also brings Summer Daddy Academy.

The 2016 version is somewhat muted, as I've decided to go for quality over quantity.  During the week, they'll have math homework sheets and Chinese audio lessons and reading quotas, but other commonly assigned tasks have been shunted to weekends only (online math quizzes, nature documentaries).

I'm also combined morning prayer time with writing practice, by giving them each a prayer journal and asking them to write to God or to themselves on a rotating weekly topic.  Monday is their relationship with God, Tuesday is family, Wednesday is friends, Thursday is school and extra-curriculars, Friday is something they're worried about, Saturday is world events, and Sunday is whatever they want.  (Amy asked for a journal too, so she'll do it along with them.)

I've told them that I won't check these journals, that these are for their eyes only.  It is my hope that this first-thing-in-the-morning routine will instill them a communication intimacy with God, help them to see how God answers prayers, and give them an avenue to find their writing style. 
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