Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer DA
The first day of summer means the first day of Daddy Academy (the Summer 2015 Version).  Here's what I'm subjecting Aaron and Jada to each week (see here for last year's version):

1.              Prayer notebook for writing about things you are thankful for or things you are praying about (every morning)

2.              Help out around the house for one hour (every day – see below for examples)
              Watch Asher in the morning
              Sweep the whole kitchen floor after a meal
              Take full indoor garbage out to outdoor garbage, and then replace the bag in the indoor garbage can

3.              Writing notebook for writing assignments (one essay per week – 2 paragraphs for Aaron, 4 paragraphs for Jada – select from one of the topics below)
       Write about something that happened to you that made you feel an emotion (sad, happy, scared, surprised)
       Write a letter to the mayor/governor/president about something you want to see changed
       Write about a place you would like to visit or a person you would like to meet and why

4.              Sumdog (60 minutes each day on the weekend only)

5.              Nature (60 minutes each day on the weekend only)

6.              Read for 60 minutes (every day)

7.              Math homework sheets (two, one for each weekend day)

8.              30-minute Mandarin Chinese lessons (every day)
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