Saturday, June 27, 2015

1st Work Trip Post-Asher

My first work trip as a dad of three was quite a doozy:

1. I flew out on Tuesday afternoon to Phoenix and made a beeline for a hearing where I was testifying.  The hearing went almost 5 hours. 

2. I got back to the hotel in time to catch about 5 hours of sleep, get a quick workout and breakfast in the next morning (Wednesday), and then jet to the airport for my flight to Honolulu.

3. I landed in the late morning of the same day (!) and made a beeline to my team.  We ended up working for 8+ hours.

4. I checked into my hotel that night, got about 6 hours of sleep, and the next morning (Thursday) got a run and a very short dip in the ocean in before grabbing breakfast and making my way to my presentation.

5. Between presentation prep, the presentation itself, and debriefing/working after, it was about a 12-hour work day.

6. I made my flight just barely that evening, slept and read my way through the redeye to Dallas, and then banged out work stuff during my layover and my flight to Philly.

All told, I was gone for 72 hours.  It was a productive but tiring trip.  My 10 minutes in the water were blissful and oh so short.  But on the flip side, it was delightful to come home to Amy and Asher and to be able to pick up Jada and Aaron from day camp.  Such is the life of the dad/consultant, I suppose.
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