Saturday, June 28, 2014

Week 1 of Daddy Academy
As you may know, I am largely on the Tiger Dad side of things.  I fundamentally think there is no possible way to over-prepare children for the rigors of adult life.  Hence the long list of summer to-do's I shared earlier this month, which we all now affectionately call "Daddy Academy."

Week 1 of Daddy Academy is now in the books.  Here are my kids' weekly assignments, which I check at the end of every weekend:

1. Prayer notebook for writing about things you are thankful for or things you are praying about (every morning)

2. Art notebook for putting whatever you want – drawings, pictures, stories (three times a week)

3. Writing notebook for writing assignments (three times a week – see below for topics and pick one per week to type into blog)
* Topic #1: write about a book you read this week
* Topic #2: write about an activity you did this week
* Topic #3: make up a story

4. Sumdog (30 minutes each day on the weekend only)

5. Nature (30 minutes each day on the weekend only)

6. Read for 30 minutes (every day)

7. Math homework sheets (three each week)

8. 30-minute Mandarin Chinese lessons (every day)

For every task they do in full, they get a dollar, plus a two-dollar bonus if they do all eight tasks.  So that's a max of ten dollars a week, times ten weeks in the summer is a max earning potential of a hundred bucks, which is not bad for a kid.

On the downside, it's minus three bucks for every task they don't do in full.  And minus five bucks per week if their bedrooms and play area are untidy.

Hopefully they end up with more pluses than minuses by the end of the summer.  And hopefully they will remember Daddy Academy with at least a little bit of fondness, even if it is in the vein of complaining about how crazy their dad was for squeezing them so much even during summers. 
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