Friday, June 12, 2015

Outsourcing to China (and Taiwan)

Picking up on yesterday's post, it is nice that I can ask Aaron and Jada to do some Asher duty in the morning so I can steal off to the Y for a workout before the day starts.  As much as I've enjoyed bonding with Asher at such a young age, the extra responsibilities have eaten into my sleep time and my exercise time, two things I desperately need in order to be sane.  Sleep will continue to be a problem for awhile, but exercise I've been able to find time for since enlisting Aaron and Jada to assist.

When I approached them with this request, they were enthusiastic about the opportunity.  Originally I had conceived of them taking turns getting woken up and dealing with Asher while I was out of the house, but so far both have been up even earlier than we agreed and ready to have cuddle time with their baby bro.  In addition to enjoying time with Asher, I think they have also enjoyed taking turns being in charge, for if there's anything more satisfying than being with your baby brother then it must be being able to boss around your other sibling.

When I return from the Y, the rest of our morning routine can continue, in terms of eating breakfast and getting ready for school and work.  Asher has seemed so content with his two older sibs that usually he can get put back to sleep at this time, giving Amy a precious hour or more of extra sleep before she begins the longest Asher shift, from morning until midnight.  So, so far, everyone's happy.
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