Monday, April 27, 2015

OKC Days 4-6

Some stream-of-consciousness notes from Days 4-6:

Day 4

* Everything good during 1st check-up except a little jaundice, so we drew blood and are coming back on Monday.

* Birthmother's appearance in court also went as planned, so that's the first step in us being able to go home with Asher.

* I worked almost a full work day between editing reports and running phone meetings; Asher crashed out on Amy's chest for most of the time so was very well-behaved.

Day 5

* Rough night so late morning...not sure how life is going to work once we are back to our normal schedules.

* A beautiful day, and everybody in the city seemed to be out for a stroll like us, in the Bricktown / Myriad Botanical Gardens area.

* Forgot how unusual a four-day-old baby is to be seen out in public, since so many people stopped us while we were out and about to coo at our newborn. 

Day 6

* Amy did all the overnight shifts, bless her heart; one good night's sleep can make all the difference!

* Visited the OKC National Memorial & Museum...what an emotionally charged experience to take in all of the information, imagery, and remembrances.

* The city was in some ways abuzz (marathon, baseball tournament) and in other ways deadsville (medical school campus area largely devoid of traffic because it's Sunday).

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