Thursday, April 30, 2015

OKC Days 7-9

Some stream-of-consciousness notes from Days 7-9:

Day 7

* The good weather from the weekend has given way to a cold and rainy day.  Perfect for work emails, phone meetings, and trashy TV (me on the first two and Amy and Asher on the last one).

* Doctor's appointment shows some potential medical snags, such that we need to draw blood, schedule a follow-up visit, and not necessarily have medical clearance until further notice.  Nothing major but anything keeping us from going home is cause for disgruntlement.

* From a legal standpoint, Oklahoma did its job on paperwork and now things are in Pennsylvania's court to clear.

Day 8

* Started packing in a fit of optimism, got discouraging news at first on the medical and legal fronts, and then got word in short succession that we were clear to go.  Woo hoo!

* Booked tickets, adjusted hotel and car reservations, and packed with great joy!

* Itchy to go home but grateful for Embassy Suites taking such good care of us.  Plus free snacks at night are hard to say bye to.

Day 9

* Got to the airport way early expecting an ordeal between returning the rental car, schlepping baby and luggage, and getting through security.  But everything was smooth, people were friendly, and there were no crowds.  So we sailed through.

* Asher did great on both flights.  It helped that his tummy schedule was coordinated with our time on the ground and in layovers.

* Great to be home, and especially heart-warming to see how quickly and passionately Aaron and Jada took to their new little brother, wanting to hold him and feed him and dote on him.  I shed many a tear of gratitude for all of the ways I've been blessed.

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