Friday, April 24, 2015

OKC Days 1-3

We're in OKC counting down the days until we can return home with Asher.  Some stream-of-consciousness notes from our first three days here; note that each of these items is a story unto itself, which hopefully time will permit a fuller elaboration on at a later date:

Day 1

 * Saying bye to Jada and Aaron with many tears, both from missing them and also being so thankful to God for them.

* First trip with Amy and without kids since we became parents; it feels weird.

* Speaking of travel, we can't pack so light anymore; I counted seven pieces of luggage between the two of us.

* First impressions of Asher: such a chill baby.

* Meeting the birth-mother and our social worker in the flesh for the first time; what a precious experience.

* Oh hello, a champagne and cheese plate waiting for us at Embassy Suites with a note of congratulations.

Day 2

* Ugh...Amy got food poisoning and feels horrible.

* Hello, seeing Asher's eyes for the first time.

* Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.

* 2 Walmart runs in one day = 2 more Walmart runs than I've made in the last few years.

* Can now add "hospital waiting room" to my list of places I have run work meetings.

* Uh oh...a little jaundiced, so this might delay discharge.

Day 3

* Went for a run through OKC in the morning, and saw the Memorial and Bricktown on the way.

* Bili levels going up and down, not sure if discharge is today or if he has to go under the lights overnight.

*  Yes, we are clear to leave the hospital with Asher!  What an out-of-body experience to leave the hospital with a baby boy.

* Three more steps til we can fly home, each of which will take 1-2 business days, so we are looking at middle of next week.
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