Thursday, October 24, 2013

We’re Flunking Lunch Period

Whether it’s my friends’ Instagram photos of Bento boxes, being lectured by my kids’ preschool teacher, or this article in yesterday’sWall Street Journal, I’m keenly aware of how we’re falling short in the new barometer of parental awesomeness: school lunch.  Let’s see just how far we have to go:

1.       Nutrition.  White bread just doesn’t cut it, does it?  Give us credit, though, since we used to also pack potato chips.

2.       Fanciness.  Quinoa, sushi, and hummus?  Try bologna, water, and applesauce cups.

3.       Variety.  Mix it up?  I’ve made Jada PB&J every day without fail, which is (since kindergarten) 600+ days and counting. 

4.       Personal notes.  Amy actually writes something sweet every once in a while.  As for me, the only message I would want them to get from me upon opening their lunch is “for the last time, eat your fruit.”

5.       Trash.  Our shift from sandwich bags to sandwich boxes is offset by the frozen yogurt and granola bar wrappers their current lunches generate.

6.       Presentation.  Far from smiley faces and colorful bites, our kids brace themselves for the frequent times I don’t fully secure their cut fruit container lid and they have soggy pear smeared all over the rest of their lunch. 

In short, we may be getting the memo, but we’re not following through.  Please don’t judge.

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