Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I'm Number Two have been many more, but here are three recent reminders of where I stand in the parent pecking order with Aaron and Jada:

1. Amy was to pick them one evening but things changed and it made sense for me to.  When I arrived at their after-school program, they both saw me and said, "Where's Mommy?"  When I explained that we had to call an audible, they said "oh," and dejectedly followed me home. 

2. On back-to-back nights, first Amy and then I came home late.  The first evening, we were eating dinner when Amy got home.  The kids perked up as soon as they heard the front door, ran to Amy with their tails wagging, and excitedly told them about their days.  The second evening, they were eating dinner when I got home.  No reaction.  Not even a "Hi, Dad."

3. I don't remember how we got on the subject, but Jada said that if Amy ever died, I really ought to marry someone else fast.  "And what if I die," I asked.  "Well, we'd have no one, then," was Jada's reply.  "No...imagine that Mommy is still alive but I'm dead."  Blink blink blink.  Silence.  Clearly, such a scenario registered zero on their worry scale. 

Sure, I have my special relationship with each of my kids.  But I'm glad that their connection with Amy puts an extra hop in their step.  I married well.
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