Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Homework Sheets

I do not doubt that when they are parents themselves, Jada and Aaron will subject their kids to the same thing I subject them to every weekend as well as every day during the summer: the dreaded homework sheet.

For Aaron, the extra work is needed, as he is pretty mediocre in academics, especially reading.  He's going to be in for a severe adjustment when he gets moved over to Jada's school (whenever that is), as he'll go from middle-of-the-pack at his current school to bottom-rung at his new school.  So whatever we can do to give him some extra reps, we're going to do it.  In his case, it means simple math stuff and even simpler reading stuff...enough to push him but not so hard that he's not mastering it quickly and gaining confidence.

As for Jada, I've put in her mind that she has a chance to get into Masterman, the most academically rigorous public school in the whole city, for fifth grade.  You get in by testing well, so I don't doubt that Jada can stack up with anyone in the city, if she works at it.  So for her I give stuff at least a grade above, so she knows that she has to stretch past being competent for her own grade level in order to test high enough to get in.  

A friend of mine who is an educator reminds me that rote exercises are useless or worse, unless accompanied with human contact and careful reinforcement.  So homework sheets mean more work for them but also for me.  But I'm going to do it, and they're going to do it, and I just know their kids are going to do it too.  
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