Thursday, May 02, 2013

Running, Man

Photo: I have two running partners todayMy parents took my sister and I to the local community college track every weekend to run laps.  I realize now it was partly to wear us out, but I'm glad they also instilled in us a commitment to exercise. 

Fast forward to the present, and Jada is dead-set on getting herself ready for next month's 5-K run at her school.  So every weekend, we've been running together, a little bit longer each week, until 3 miles will be a breeze for her.

Not so for our Goo Bear.  He's more of a sprinter.  And, unlike Jada, who is impervious to pain, he shrivels at the first twinge.  So last weekend, he decided to go with us, and burst out ahead in a dead sprint, despite my protests.

You might have guessed what happened next.  Less than two minutes in (!), he started complaining about his chest burning.  And, shortly thereafter, we had ground to a halt.  So much for a longer run than the week before; this one lasted less than 10 minutes.  We have to work on the boy.
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