Friday, March 29, 2013

Summer Camp

""Our summer camp schedule is set.  I polled our kids' friends' parents and found a wide range of things people were thinking of or had signed their kids up for: tennis, equestrian, science, drama, and even some sleepaway stuff.  (How did that sneak up on us?)

But none of them worked for us, in terms of hours and location.  So we'll be at PIC, where they go after-school, for the whole summer. 

I don't want to convey that this is second-best; we really like it there, and the people are great.  We do hope, though, that in future summers, we'll be able to figure out the logistics so we can mix things up for our kids.  After all, what else is summer for, but to experience new things like riding horses, mixing chemicals, or acting on a real stage?
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