Monday, April 01, 2013

A New York State of Mind

My cousin from LA is in NYC this week because it's her kids' Spring Break.  And my other cousin lives in the NYC suburbs but I hardly get to see her.  So we decided to drive up to NYC to meet up.

We decided to meet up at the American Museum of Natural History, which is plenty large for several hours' worth of sightseeing.  Of course, Aaron gloried in the dinosaur skeletons and Jada beamed at being able to see the zebra display.  The gift shop was also a highlight - maybe the highlight - given how large it is and how many ways there are to spend your hard-earned dollars.

From there, we walked to a deli for a late lunch and then meandered around nearby Central Park before it was time to zip home - school night, after all.  The kids had an absolute blast seeing their cousins and seeing the sights.  Me thinks we'll back to NYC again soon.

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