Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mama's Boy, Daddy's Girl like some division of labor is setting in with the kids' homework.  Aaron's really struggling with his stuff, both in terms of not knowing how to do it and getting frustrated easily.  I don't help this, by barking at him for not knowing or for not trying.  Amy's far more patient than me, so she handles him, giving him the time and positive strokes he needs to press through.  In a sense, him being at Lea is a good thing, because there's he's middle-of-the-pack, and can build up a little momentum before he heads over to Penn Alexander, where he would be towards the bottom.  But it does mean we have to get him up to speed before he heads over. 

Jada, on the other hand, is a speed demon like her dad, whizzing through her stuff and asking for more.  Just to give you an idea of Jada's remarkable memory skills and voracity for information, we were talking about the Sahara Desert one day and I asked her to name some countries that touched the Sahara Desert.  She named four!  If I were to round up 100 adults I'm not sure more than a handful could do the same.  And she's 7!  Needless to say, I adore talking with her and egging her on to greater and greater intellectual exploits, remembering my own precociousness at her age and wanting her to be similarly ambitious and curious.

It's hard, at the end of a long day, to slog through homework with a 5 and a 7.  Amy's glad I can hang with Jada, and I'm glad she'll be there for Aaron.  Day by day, we watch them grow.

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