Friday, October 26, 2012

Chores the weekend comes time for Amy and me to do all the things we didn't have time to do during the week: cook, clean, laundry, bills.  The kids have what we call "chores" as well, but they're not really chores, unless you count cleaning their bedroom and their play area.  Here's what else Jada and Aaron have to do each weekend:

Clean green room (A, J)
Clean bedroom (A, J)
Write letters/numbers (A)
Do vocal exercises (J)
Practice ballet (J)
Practice gymnastics (J)
Play piano (J)
Do Chinese lessons (J)
Read from chapter book (J)
Write essay – I make a new topic each week (J)
Do math and reading homework sheets (A, J)
Read books to Aaron (J)
Watch nature (A, J)
Fill out money ledger (J)
Run (J)
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