Thursday, October 25, 2012

No News, Good News ascent of Aaron's school can be seen in the upcoming addition of a kindergarten class, effective later this month.  In addition to accommodating more kids, a third class allows for smaller class sizes.  Aaron's class is currently 30, whereas the kindergarten classes at Jada's school - where we weren't able to get in line soon enough to snag a spot for Aaron - is capped at 18.

But what this means, tangibly, is that some of the kids in the original two classrooms will be shuffled over to the new classroom and teacher.  Both Aaron and I have had a good experience with his current teacher, so were hoping Aaron would stay put.  Well, we got the official word earlier this week that in fact he will be staying put.

So that's a relief.  With all the chaos of the start of the school year, a little continuity is welcomed.  Although I guess Aaron will be losing a few of his classmates to another classroom and teacher, at least he'll keep the same teacher, classroom, and routines.  Whew!

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