Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Two Kids, Four Schools?$file/TipsNewsletterBuriedInPaperwork.jpgToday's is Aaron's first day of kindergarten, at Lea Elementary.  It's a good school and it's two blocks away, albeit in the opposite direction of Jada's school.  And Aaron will attend the same after-school program as Jada, so while I'll have two drop-off points, I'll only have one pick-up point.  In summary, from the standpoint of school quality and commuting convenience, you could do worse.

That said, I'm not looking forward to Jada and Aaron being at different schools, which will mean two sets of administrative rules, two communities of staff/faculty/parents, and two peer groups.  They'll be at the same after-school program but in different classes, so that's another set of rules and two sets of teachers and friends. 

And, to get Aaron from school to after-school, I've enlisted the help of yet another school, St. Mary's, which does walking escorts from Aaron's school back to their campus, and Aaron's after-school location happens to be right in the middle of that path.  So that was another set of paperwork and another set of checks (albeit small ones, since the enrollment is only for the walking escort and not for actual care). 

You'll excuse me if, when asked about how school is going, I look at you cross-eyed, even though we only have two kids.  It seems we have enough schools, papers, and calendars for a much larger family.  So it begins.

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