Monday, September 17, 2012

Gymnastics at the Y

Photo by lhin215The first week of gymnastics classes at the Y went well.  Aaron went first, and was apprehensive at first - clung to me and cried - but once I freed him from his grip and ushered him into the gym area, he did his usual fine self.  Parents couldn't really stay and watch, but I peeked in now and then and it looked like he was having fun, and that the teachers were doing a good job with him even though he's the only boy and is by far the biggest (the classes run ages 3-5 and 6-8, and he's 5 1/2). 

Photo by lhin215Jada also seemed to enjoy herself.  When I peeked in on her class, she was on the beam, getting help flipping over while other kids were on the bar lifting themselves up.  Our little Chinese girl has in her head that she's a gymnast, and this is just the beginning of the formal lessons, with more to come.  Well, if one or both of them keep liking it, we'll keep it going. 
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