Thursday, September 20, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten in the Books

I am happy to report that Aaron survived his first day of kindergarten yesterday. 

He looked so cute in his white polo shirt and khaki shorts.  The belt was a new thing for Aaron, so Amy (worried about him peeing himself during a wardrobe malfunction) helped him practice taking it off and putting in on.

Jada and I walked him to Lea and took him down to the school cafeteria for breakfast, where Ms. Brown and Ms. Tasha could not have been nicer to him.  I knew he would be in good hands, in terms of knowing where to go after breakfast, so we didn't stay long.  Plus I had to walk Jada back in the other direction to her school.

He was safely transferred from Lea to PIC after school, and when I picked him up at the end of the day and I asked him how kindergarten went, he said "awesome."  He likes his teacher and got a prize for answering a question.  (The boy knows how to get schwag.)

Of course, the higher intensity of a classroom setting wore on him, as he was a whiny mess going home and at the dinner table.  And, by bedtime, he was a tired heap in Amy's arms.  We're proud of our goo bear and happy to send him out again today.

Aaron's first day of kindergarten at Lea!

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