Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Take Your Kids to Work (and Feed Them Dim Sum) Day

Everyone was back to work yesterday, but Jada and Aaron's after-school program, which runs full-day until the public schools start, wasn't open yesterday.  So guess who got to come with me to work?  

I made them to homework sheets in the morning, and then they could watch DVDs in the afternoon.  For lunch, we went to Chinatown.  I didn't count on the rain, and when it started to pour, I decided we'd go underground.  Between the concourse around City Hall, Reading Terminal Market, and a supermarket with two entrances, we ended up only having to be outside for two of the eight blocks we walked each way.  
Still, we got drenched, Jada in particular for some reason.  (Maybe Aaron's such a hot box that he dried off due to internal radiation.)  I had a change of clothes at work, so I let Jada dry her hair with a T-shirt and put a button-down shirt over herself.  That seemed to do the trick.

Thankfully, I had few meetings and even fewer phone calls, as it was pretty distracting to have the two of them in my crowded office.  Especially the boy, who didn't quite get what I meant by "shhh" and "I'm trying to work here."  I will be loving the solitude in the office later today after I drop them off. 

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