Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Poconos, Day 4

 We spent the morning at the community center, Amy doing cardio while I took the kids on a nature walk on a trail nearby, and then me doing laps in the pool while Amy and the kids splashed around.  It was overcast and rain threatened, so we chilled at the house afterwards and laid low until well past lunchtime.

In the early afternoon, the men decided to chance the beach, and headed out to find that while cloudy, the day was just fine.  I read while Granddad and Aaron played in the lake.  The women joined us later on, after the sun had peeked out, and it ended up being a pretty good day out.

In fact, the evening was the clearest we'd had so far, so we grilled on the deck at the house.  Afterwards, Amy taught the kids how to make S'mores, and Granddad surprised them with sparklers.  The kids didn't protest when we called it a day, and were happily asleep soon after.

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